Networking Skills

What a useless talk!

I attended an event today relating to the property sector. The talk was about the Budget and property taxes. I wasn’t interested, so why did I go? I WENT TO NETWORK! I showed a few nervous people how to break the ice.I did this by introducing one person to another …then moving on where approriate. I met Paul who asked me “Will you are so high profile for a small …Read More

Everyday is an opportunity to learn

March 28If you don’t achieve something or learn something every day what’s the point getting out of bed.What have I learnt to day?1 Networking is about giving first.Two years ago Mark Clough asked me to speak for free at his company. The idea being I might get paid work later. This din’t happen and Mark then left.He called me up today reminding me I’d helped him out then and offered …Read More

Are you into Property?The sort of property I refer to is bricks and mortar, you know they have foundations, walls, roofs etc? Well, I’m not. I’m into something far more exciting .INTELLECTUAL PROPERTYWhat is intellectual property?I quote from the UK’s Government Patent office“Intellectual property, often known as IP, allows people to own their creativity and innovation in the same way that they can own physical property. The owner of IP …Read More

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