Business Networking Skills, Training, and Tips

Business Networking Skills, Training, and Tips

Will Kintish is a UK leading authority in Business Networking Skills training


On June 1st, 2000 it was the start of my new career after 35+ years practising as an accountant. It’s been a wonderful and fulfilling period of my life. I have presented to 120,000+ delegates with the aim of helping them develop their face-to-face networking skills. Yes F2F. For 19 years 9 months, there was no mention of social distancing, ‘virtual coffees’ and online networking was seen as a second best. (Still is!)

I thank everyone who came to listen, to the many business friends I have made, to my past colleagues who helped me build the business and to my family who must be fed up listening to phrases like:

‘If you don’t go you’ll never know’
‘Strategy for survival is visibility’
‘Best to join an open 3 rather than a closed 2’

From June 1st 2000 until March 10th 2020 I travelled the length and breadth of the UK and lots of European countries to share my expertise.
And now? I am in my home office and enjoying virtual 121’s and attending online networking groups. Having said that, the minute someone says, ‘Can you present at my conference or run a workshop?’… I will be there.


How to become an effective top-class online networker

In our new world where, at the moment, we can’t shake hands, ‘work the room’ or easily read the other person’s body language how can we ensure all the time we spend, on Zoom and other virtual communication channels is of value?  There is nothing to beat ‘real’ networking but when you and I plan our strategy and take regular effective action I believe we can get close to the genuine thing.

The future of networking

I think you will agree there is a groundswell of opinion that the business community is embracing online communication because it has to. But what happens when we can return to coffee shops for 1-2-1’s, conferences and networking events? My prediction is for years to come and maybe for ever, both forms of networking will become the norm. One major benefit will be the time and cost savings.

Learn to become a more effective networker without travel

I have developed my ‘live’ online training using video conferencing. Details here:

And when you view here you see my online networking programme:

This covers both face-to-face and online networking skills. The original parts 1 – 4 include explanations where differences occur and the new part 5 is dedicated to only effective online networking skills.

Check your area of business or profession.

I have personally helped thousands of people become confident and effective networkers by delivering business networking tips, techniques and training to professionals, in the widest sense, in the UK and throughout the world.

Many of my courses are CPD accredited and presentations to Solicitors, Barristers, Accountants, Academics, Banking and InsuranceProperty Professionals, and Non-profits have helped professionals in these specialised industries to maximise their return from the numerous social and business related networking events they find themselves attending.

As a published author and an international keynote speaker, I have been able to introduce my Business Networking philosophy to a much wider audience and am now heavily involved in preparing the young professionals of the future in the skills needed to effectively network by working closely with universities and colleges in the Academic Community producing customised in-house courses.

As the world becomes more reliant on IT the vital personal skills of networking and face-to-face communication is often overlooked. I addresses this oversight in an extremely informative, fun and professional manner.

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Our Services

Keynote Speaking

Are you looking for a keynote or motivational speaker for your event? Will is no stranger to talking to large rooms of people!

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Looking to do some training on your own time? Our range of digital learning tools will help you pick up networking at home.

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Public Courses

Will's public courses are legendary amongst all who attend, and all come away having been "Kintished". Click here for more details.

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Free Tips & Advice

They say there's no such thing as a free lunch, however there is such a thing as free business networking tips and guides!

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About Will Kintish

Who is Will Kintish? Find out about Will's background, and the journey he and his team have been on for the past 10 years.

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I've had a great deal of success working with professionals and technical people who are very good at what they do but have come to realise that being good at what you do just isn't enough these days in what is often a crowded marketplace.

What many of my clients share is a frustration that their inability to deal successfully with many face to face networking situations is holding them back from achieving all of their goals and objectives.

Some of my clients engage with me because they are dissatisfied with their current career prospects whilst others are concerned about the effectiveness of their current business development approach. There is a third group who are simply worried about their lack of self-confidence - something that is very often hard to admit to in what can be a competitive and judgemental workplace.

Over the years I have received an immense amount of pleasure from helping people such as these get a little bit closer to attaining their goals, aspirations and objectives.

Will Kintish

Topics Covered

LinkedIn Training

Do you feel lost on LinkedIn? Not sure how to connect without seeming pushy? Take a look at our LinkedIn training workshops!

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Presentation Skills

If the thought of doing a presentation to a group of people reduces you to a quivering mess, then let us help you with our workshop.

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My Blog

If you're looking for regular tips from the man himself, then follow Will's blog for the latest updates and networking ideas.

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Negotiation Skills

Learn how to influence and negotiate others you meet in a three-hour masterclass, ideal for attendees of all calibres!

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More Information

What's in it for you?

Lack of self confidence is the fundamental reason many people who aren’t directly in marketing and selling don’t take risks, or do something different from the norm. We cannot give you self confidence, but what we do is give you tips, techniques and ideas. When you practice and implement them, you find your self confidence builds automatically and business development becomes a natural and integrated part of your daily life. The result of this is they become an all-round modern day professional.

We all learn the technical aspect of our jobs to get to where we want to be but who has ever had networking skills training as part of our qualifications. This is where we help.

Our unique business networking systems helps you to get MORE...

  • new clients
  • self confidence
  • profile for you and your company
  • fees and sales from existing clients
  • business acumen
  • knowledge and information about your marketplace
  • top line fees

What we offer

Kintish can show you how to become a more effective and confident business networker with the following courses available:

  • Business Networking Public Seminars – We hold a nationwide programme of public seminars. As well as business networking we cover:
  • In-house business networking skills - if your colleagues need to become better business networkers, we provide CPD accredited training, tailored to suit your specific industry or company requirements. We work with all industries, from professionals in the legal, accountancy and finance world to councils, universities and charities. For more information on training for your sector, view our CPD for professionals area, and our page on other specialist sectors we work with.
  • NEW! LinkedIn Training - Kintish have developed new workshops on how to get to grips with the online networking world, particularly the LinkedIn online global community. When it is used in combination with face-to face networking it can really help gain new business and build your own and your businesses profile. This training is available as an in-house workshop, public seminar, or web seminar.

The Kintish Guarantee

Whatever service we provide, you have the Kintish guarantee. If you are unsatisfied then tell us and we will refund your money, no questions asked. We even refund your travel expenses if you incurred costs to visit us. Please contact us for more information on booking Kintish training for your company.

"Will has entertained audiences over the past year at various different Business Link events. His presentations are packed full of practical value, he gives lots of valuable tips and people are always eager to put these into practice straight after the events. The feedback from delegates has been fantastic, comments included ‘it was a great positive boost’, ‘he is amusing and really good at diffusing people’s fears of networking’, ‘I found Will entertaining, as well as informative’. Will impressed us so much that we have invited him to speak at the Business Link staff-training event."
Kirsten Bolton, PR and Marketing Manager, Business Link South Yorkshire

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Our Products

We have a variety of Kintish Business Networking Products available in order to learn, enhance or simply brush up on your networking skills.

Read our product reviews so you can see how our products have aided others in their business development. If you review one of our products, we can offer you 20% off one of our nationwide public courses. Please contact us with your review once you have read or listened to your product to receive this fantastic offer.

NEW! We now have a variety of Kintish downloadable products, from audio CDs to tips booklets!

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Business Networking Tips

We have an abundance of business networking tips, ideas and articles for you to aid your learning.

If you have any tips, why not share them with us? We will put your tips on our top networking tips page, and in return you could receive 20% off one of our nationwide public courses!

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  • I enjoyed the event you held today very much. The advice you gave has changed the way I approach networking and selling our services. It has given me confidence to approach people and how to speak to people effectively and politely. Not only was the day informative but also entertaining.

    Jace Moody Neill & Brown Global Logistics

  • So often presentations don't live up to expectations, sometimes ironically even on really interesting subjects. That can't be said for Will Kintish who energised, educated and entertained our group and made us all want to go out there, throw caution to the wind during the day at networking events, and burn the midnight oil on LinkedIn all evening. Thanks to Will for his session and for covering the wide range of topics requested by the team.

    Paul Giness Expense Reduction Analysts

  • This is just a short note to thank you for the excellent service you have provided us with over the running of the Networking event that we held on the 23rd June 'How to Become a Confident and Effective Networker'. You and your staff were always very pleasant and helpful, and very informative, and I very much look forward to working with you again in the future.

    Kate Heyburn The Institute of Actuaries

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We have worked with over 500 companies around the UK. Click here to see more

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