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Good networkers can’t help themselves

I have just returned from holiday, rested and raring to go.

But even on holiday, good networkers keep doing it…networking that is.

I met CG on the plane who’d been on one of our seminars. We chatted and he’s quite happy for me to call him to explore ideas about more work.

I met DS, one of my son’s friends who works for a large merchant bank. He too said he was happy for me to ask him for an introduction to someone in training.

MR is a very senior man at a major City law firm. He seemed interested in what we do. I will be calling him. This is in spite of me already meeting people at his firm who haven’t yet taken on our services. When you are trying to get into large organisations, remember there are many doors to go through. Most departments don’t talk to each other anyway!

BB is a bank manager at a bank where I already do some work but not his section…yet! He called ‘home’ to check me out and said he’d heard good things. Just another bit more profile.

BB’s brother, DB is the owner of a property agency and when I told him what I do he showed a fair amount of interest. I will be inviting him to sample what we do then hopefully he may buy some of our services later

I went on a camel ride and at the tea break chatted to JH. He’s in property and couldn’t begin to think my services would be any use to him. It took just 3 minutes and 43 seconds to explain how he was missing out on so many opportunities for his business. I invited him as my guest on one of our seminars. Value to me? Who knows? But if he likes it, he’ll tell lots of others and become part of my free sales force.

I have just finished my book and AB offered to review it. Lots of positive criticism.

On the same camel ride MC a senior man at a major industrial company casually mentioned he organises conferences and is looking for speakers. This year is sorted but next year….


Just chat to people and listen carefully for ‘an ahaa moment’.. Men particularly talk business and sport. When people ask ‘what do you do?’ explain in a clear manner with a benefit-based statement. People don’t really care what you do; they only care what you can do for them.

Who knows, if some of these opportunities come off it will pay for next year’s holiday! But they’ll only come off if I follow up…which of course I will.

It was the first holiday with our granddaughter, Aimee Miriam.
There are already lots of boring holiday snaps but I have restricted myself to just one

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