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It shouldn’t happen to a dog!

I write at the start of working day 4 after my holidays.

In the last 3 days I have presented in Manchester three times Leicester, Nottingham, Newcastle and Sheffield. It shouldn’t happen to a dog. Early mornings and late nights.

I have presented to delegates from the property, accountancy, investment management, legal, and Further Education College, communities. It’s been great fun, we’ve had lots of laughs and I hope lots of learning and ‘ahaa moments’.

I can only quote my old friend Confucius, and my goodness is he old, when he said (excuse his lack of political correctness…still got a lot to learn)

“Give a man a job he loves and he’ll never have to work a day in his life.”

True, oh so true. Basically I’m still on holiday, just in a different country where the weather isn’t as hot.
So if the dog enjoys it as much as I am, perhaps it should happen to the dog.

Am I sad? You decide.

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