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Become a Confident and Effective Networking in 2015!

In today’s highly competitive world, being a confident and effective networker sets you apart from the crowd. You become more visible, always feel in control and will always create more business opportunities than the average.   99% of people dread this vital activity; the topics below will help you overcome all your fears and concerns. Our aim is to make it fun, motivational, and highly participative.   We want to …Read More

Why we forget names…. …and what to do about it

Why we forget names. You introduce yourself to some one at an event. You give your name, they give theirs and ……….pooh it’s gone. It’s gone; it came straight from their mouth, should have reached your ears but something happened. It’s gone; where is it? Flying around the room somewhere. Why is that? Dare I suggest it’s nothing to do with your memory; it’s to do with your focus. Now …Read More

“If you don’t follow up why show up?”

A lot of you know I preach “If you don’t follow up why show up?” having met someone and spotted a business opportunity. Or they have asked for a proposal and don’t get back to you. Familiar?   But I guess, like me, you don’t generally enjoy making that follow up call. I have just come up with a new idea which seems to work and takes the ‘sting’ out …Read More

Business Networking – The Survival Guide.

Business Networking – The Survival Guide. By Will Kintish If you hate networking or think it’s a waste of time but know you just have to do it.. I promise you this book will turn you from a reluctant networker into someone who shouts “hey that’s great” when you receive your next business invitation. You can check it out from this link; it’s available on Amazon.

Mistakes to avoid when in Conversation

The key skill of the effective networker is the ability to ask relevant and intelligent questions. Conversations are made up of 2 areas; the small talk which builds relationships and rapport and discussions about peoples’ business and their careers. But before we delve into questioning techniques, let me highlight the other side of the communication scales. This of course is the listening side which is far far more difficult than …Read More

Would you do this when you attend networking events?

Where the worlds of LinkedIn and face-to-face networking collide! Networking in the traditional sense or on-line is simply building relationships. The courtesies and etiquettes ought to be the same but over the years I see very different behaviours. Would you do any of these when you attend a business event? Enlighten me please Turn up in a hoodie or a scarf covering your face?  No of course not so why …Read More

“I like it when they say NO” Part 3 – Personal Stories

So we’ve looked at ‘How to Manage Rejection‘ and the difference of ‘Pest -v-Persistent‘ Now for a story of my own… No in business doesn’t mean no, it generally means ‘not yet’. Early on in my presenting and training career I had a serious disappointment. The prospect had shown great interest in lots of training such I called Mrs. Kintish to suggest she could book the holiday she’d always wanted. …Read More

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