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Presentation Skills

When you make a presentation, whether it is to colleagues, clients, prospects or professional contacts you should be saying “I’ve earned the right to be up here. I’m an expert.”

Presenting, in a confident and convincing manner is the very best kind of marketing for both yourself and your business. Giving away free and valuable information to your audience is one of the very best ways to improve your visibility and create business and career opportunities.

“I get terrified,” “I just get tongue-tied,” “I go to pieces.”

In just one day I help move you from having those fears to feeling: “Hey, I can do this” after just a few hours. No longer will presenting be a serious challenge in your professional career.

The workshop is designed for you to practice in a safe environment with others who feel like you. This is an interactive workshop where most of your time will be spent presenting 

Who should attend?

If you are pitching, making an internal presentation, sharing your knowledge at a seminar or just informal talks to any group.

Topics covered include:

  • controlling our nerves
  • room and equipment planning
  • preparing your talk
  • the secrets of a powerful and effective presentation
  • how to start your talk in a confident and interesting way
  • how to keep your audience interested throughout

The primary groups I have worked with over the years have been Accountants, Lawyers, financial, academia, public sector and not-for-profit.

What you take away after the seminar

You will be enthusiastic about looking for opportunities to try out your new skill.

Call me on +44 (0) 161 773 3727 or email to discuss options.