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Networking Skills for the Banking and Insurance industries

How do business opportunities arise? 2 ways. 

One is to do a good job, provide a great service and trust in recommendations and referrals. That is good news but it means you rely on 3rd parties to dictate the speed of growth of your business.

The other method is to be proactive and create relationships by extending your own network by attending more business events. It’s called networking, an activity which produces great results but only when done effectively and with confidence.

‘Live’ and online presentations 

Apart from half-day and full-day face-to-face workshops I am able to offer:

Be it live or online all my training is tailor-made to your exact requirements. 

As a result of the training my audiences will 

  • Appreciate the power of networking
  • Feel comfortable meeting more people to build more relationships
  • Understand the best questions to ask
  • Feel confident when attending events
  • Know how to follow up on opportunities
  • Realise the importance of using LinkedIn
  • Know how to create a top-class impression in front of the camera

Presentation Skills

In many ways presenting is another effective way to market oneself as you are ‘networking’ with more people, i.e. your audience. For more information click here