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“You must run on super-power batteries, Kintish?”

This question was asked of me at the end of my 12th, yes 12th presentation in 6 days.
“How do you do it asked one delegate, I mean let’s be honest, you’re no spring chicken?”
It’s simple really. If you love what you do, believe you are making a positive difference to peoples’ lives and earn a good reward you don’t think of the effort you put in. Because what you get from it easily overrides what you put in…and that’s how I have come through my busiest week ever.
Now, time to sleep!
Before I go…I worked at one of the best conference centres I’ve ever been to. Far too posh for a northern boy. But wow. They looked after me like a king and even the beaker in the bathroom was crystal glass!
Based in Kingston-upon-Thames…Warren House

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