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When you teach you learn

When you got to business-related events I am always suggesting you do some preparation and planning first. You’d never attend a client or prospect meeting without doing so, would you? So before you go, be professional and

Aim to get a guest list and do some research
Set yourself some goals
Know here it is, parking etc.
Know the format for the event and the timings
Sort out your personal image

And, it was this last one which prompted me to write today’s entry.
A delegate on today’s’ seminar said “you need to PIP.”
“What’s that I asked?”
“Your personal image preparation”
Wow I thought….good call. That was some new learning for me.
What ought to be included in your ‘PIP’?

Networking with the right people
I heard also today, one delegate had started to implement some of the ‘working the room manoeuvres after being enthused by the learning.
So, she approached an open group asked if she could join and started to have a real jolly time. It took her 3 -4 minutes before she realised she was networking with the band!
But at least she started to practise!

I attended a bar mitzvah and sat with my old partner Tony Tesciuba. He now runs his own accountancy practice.

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