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In-House Training

Benefits of in-house training

For a business, hosting an in-house training course or workshop has many benefits. It is the easiest and most cost-effective way to train the relevant people in your organisation. Some more of the benefits include:

  • A completely customisable training course
  • The in-house training is at any time or location to suit you
  • Removes the expense of off-site travel and room rental
  • Minimise time spent away from the office and reduces carbon footprint
  • CPD accredited courses where relevant

Now you have an option of live or remote training

For 20 + years all my presentations and training were “live”. Since Covid, I now offer my expertise using video conferencing or you can subscribe to my new online programme.

Each of the in-house courses is personalised for your organisation and specific industry. I have considerable experience in working with the following professional and industry types: 

Keynote presentations at your conference/away days

Every conference needs speakers which of course is the main ingredient of such an event. However, from my experience, most delegates don’t realise, often until it is too late, that they can get as much if not more value from meeting people at the start, breaks and the end.

Clients often ask me to present at the start of a conference to encourage all delegates to get the most from the day. Here you see a clip of me presenting.

My topics will match your needs after comprehensive consultations to ensure I deliver to your exact needs.