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Getting focused

Getting focused
I mentioned a day or so ago about “What I REALLY REALLY” want. I want you and other people around the world to have the opportunity to learn to network more effectively. As I only have so much time to present maybe you will be interested in learning by purchasing either my book, audio book or various CD’s and DVD’s.
Today I was working in the studio with my friend Guy Levine who is assisting me with the production of these.
Link here see the first two products which are now available
It’s great working with experts. When you’re an expert in your field I feel you appreciate the other person’s skills that much more.

Lunch with old friends

I met Roger who runs a terrific recruitment company called Ashley Hoyle who I’ve known for 30 years now. We hadn’t seen each other for a while but spending just 90 minutes over a sandwich at the Midland Hotel was a truly pleasant oasis in the busy life I lead.
How often do you think about old friends you’ve not seen for a long time…but do nothing about? Time to pick up the phone?

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