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The future of networking?

There is a groundswell of opinion that the business community is embracing online communication because it has to. But what happens when we can return to coffee shops for 1-2-1’s, conferences and networking events? My prediction is for years to come and maybe for ever, both forms of networking will become the norm. One major benefit will be the time and cost savings. We used to ‘Work the Room’; at present, we have to ‘Work the Zoom’.

In our new world where we can’t shake hands, ‘Work the Room’ or easily read the other person’s body language how can we ensure all the time we spend, on Zoom and other virtual communication channels, will be of any value?

There is nothing to beat physical networking but when you and I plan our strategy and take regular effective action I believe we can get close to the way we used to be able to network. Included in my talks I share my thoughts on connecting physical & virtual networking.

As a result, I now run ‘live’ workshops online, duration from 1 hour to half a day; details here:

How to become an effective top-class online networker – 2 hour workshop

How to become an effective top-class online networker – A mini workshop

How to become an effective top-class online networker – Half Day Workshop

The Employment marketplace

Unfortunately there is going to be many positions which are going to be vacated in the foreseeable future.

I cannot guarantee your next role but this course guarantees you will be well-placed close to the front of the queue.

“Network your way into that next job. Surely not now? Yes now” Workshop

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