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Live Courses Delivered Online

The future of networking?

Since the pandemic and perhaps now forever we will most probably be networking face-to-face and online. Where it is the latter a major benefit will be the time and cost savings. We will be both ‘Working the Room’; and ‘Working the Zoom’!

It is generally accepted there is nothing to beat physical networking but when we plan our strategy we can get close to the way we used to be able to network. Included in my training and presentations I share my thoughts on connecting physical & virtual networking.

We were all forgiven at the arrival of Covid for making errors and blunders when we thought it was all going to blow over. But when we now do our networking remotely, our network is going to expect our online communications to be as top-class as it was before Covid appeared.

As a result, I now run ‘live’ workshops online, duration from 1 hour to half a
day; details here: