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Keynote presentations at your conference/away days

Keynote presentations at your conference/away days

Every conference needs speakers which of course is the main ingredient of such an event. Apart from training I speak at conferences and away days

From my experience, most delegates don’t realise, often until it is too late, that they can get as much if not more value from meeting people at the start, breaks and the end.

“We can now meet”

The business world is slowly getting back to normal and people are meeting face-to-face. My talks cover 

How to start conversations

How to work the room

What are the best questions to ask

How to follow up when spotting an opportunity

There will still be virtual conferences so  I can also present ‘live’ using video conferencing. Not as effective as a live event but when you want to run group events this can be a good alternative.

How many times have I seen people at the breaks standing alone or on their smartphones or pads?

Clients often ask me to present at the start of a conference to encourage all delegates to get the most from the day. Here you see me presenting at the Professional Speaking Association (my trade body).

And here is a fast and furious medley of speaking engagements.

Having presented to over 125,000 delegates over 2,000 times, one could say I am an acknowledged leading UK authority on the subject of face-to-face networking skills. My aim is to present in an entertaining and motivational manner, covering topics such as:

  • Divulging the secrets to help you destroy all those fears of working the room.
  • Helping you be in control, break the ice and start the conversation with strangers.
  • Showing you how to approach the appropriate people, break into groups and move on with ease and consideration.
  • Presenting you with ideas with what to talk about and how to be interesting.
  • Spelling out a process for following up; ensuring you leave every event with a potential business opportunity.
  • Revealing to you how to raise your profile and meet more people.

This is me presenting to a small conference in central London on the topic of “How to break the ice”: