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About Us

To be or not to be…successful?

The question one needs to ask oneself is “How successful do I want to be?” Success means different things to different people.

Some think doing a fine technical job internally and perhaps from home  keeping clients happy will see that as success. They may not want to be a chief but simply a very trustworthy ‘Indian’.  

Simon and Will however believe those who want to move up the corporate ladder be it in a professional services firm or a commercial venture need to consider 2 strategies

One is how visible are you and how proactive are you? To be both involves effective and confident networking. So many fear this activity so will tend to avoid it.

Our knowledge, experience and expertise takes our clients through a process to show them how to create lots of career and business opportunities  

About Will

My Work Life

I left Bury Grammar School at 16 and spent the next 36 years training as, qualifying as and practising as a Chartered Accountant. An opportunity arose for me to have a career change after my accountancy firm was merged into a national business.

Do you believe in fate? I do. 2 years before I left my accountancy career I was training as a trainer with the Dale Carnegie Organisation. This was simply to be a hobby not knowing I was going to leave accountancy some short time later.

As a result of the merger I set up a presentation and training business in 2000. As an accountant it seems I was extremely good at attracting clients but realised most professional people, whilst great at the technical aspect of the job struggled with marketing selling and promotion. So I recognised a huge gap in the market for people to become more confident and effective networkers in the professional and financial communities. In the mid ’noughties’ when budgets reduced dramatically I had to find new markets and these have turned out to be the not-for-profit and academic worlds.

Since 2000 I would like to think I have established myself as a leading UK provider of professional development training, having presented to over 80,000 people Europe-wide. After all ‘I’ve been Kintished’ seems to have taken on as a phrase well-known to people who have heard my presentations.

My Personal Life

This is my family! 3 kids all married and 7 grandchildren

I love hiking

I work hard keeping fit, hate, but regularly go to the gym.

I love the arts, mainly cinema and the theatre.

But (don’t tell Mrs K ) I love presenting whenever I can!

About Simon

Will says

In the spirit of networking can I introduce you to my associate Simon Edmondson.

If ever there was anyone  who ‘walks the talk’ when it comes to real-world networking it is Simon.

For the last 15 years he has been running networking clubs and therefore has a practical knowledge and experience  in understanding the whole process. He has recently also carried out presentations and training on an informal basis which adds to his expertise.

Simon says

Having been an advocate of Kintish Networking Skills training Simon is pleased to join the team to share the best practice of networking and help attendees of their courses ensure they make the most of their networking activities as part of their marketing/sales process.

Simon Edmondson father of two is based in Manchester where he lives and works with his wife Win.

Simon started his first business in 1989 a surveying company based in South Manchester and immediately realised the power of networking was critical to his business’s success. Having been introduced to The Nat West Bank at an event which led to his company working with a number of the major financial institutions.

Having networked for over 30 years Simon sees networking as the key ingredient to all his business success and now he is the host of The Business Network South Manchester and Chester with over 170 member businesses located throughout the North West. Simon’s role is to make sure his members get the most out of their networking and see a return on their investment.