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What do you want, what do you REALLY REALLY want?

…ah those Spice Girls from ‘the last century’!
But seriously though. What is it you really want? I listened to a an Achievers Edge CD ( see April 30 2006 for the link) and Michael Howard, Chairman of Maris Interiors was asked how he had gone from very humble surroundings to the position he was in now. “Now” by the way is the owner of a company turning over £50m.
His answer was to be totally focused. How focused are you in getting where you want to be?

What do I want?
I want to be offering my knowledge in a number of different ways. Apart from presenting and training which I love, I’d like to be able to have enough ‘passive income’ so I can take time off whenever I feel like.
I have been working on my book, CD’s DVD and booklets for …well I’m embarrassed to say.
But now I’m focused and take time out weekly to finalise all my products.
Have a look here to see 2 that are in fact finished. By August 31 I will have finished

  • My book entitled, “I hate Networking!”. It is the story of the networking life of Brian, the reluctant professional. We meet him when he does his usual …declining an invitation, through to…..well read the book to see what happens.
  • My audio book. The same as the paper-based above
  • An audio CD entitled “How to host a successful and profitable corporate event”
  • Another audio CD “How to work the room”.This includes how to overcome all your fears and concerns when you enter that room full of strangers.

Strangers? Those funny people your mother told you not to talk to when you were 4 years old

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