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Networking for property professionals

The one profession where being an effective networker is vital is the property professional profession. Doing the technical work you have been trained for gets easier as you progress through the years. But today there’s more to the job than just giving the advice or buying and selling. You need to have great knowledge about your market and be able to build strong ties and relationships with other professional sectors to ensure referrals are sent and introductions made

‘Live’ and online presentations 

Apart from half-day and full-day face-to-face workshops I am able to offer:

Be it live or online all my training is tailor-made to your exact requirements. 

As a result of the training my audiences will 

  • Appreciate the power of networking
  • Feel comfortable meeting more people to build more relationships
  • Understand the best questions to ask
  • Feel confident when attending events
  • Know how to follow up on opportunities
  • Realise the importance of using LinkedIn
  • Know how to create a top-class impression in front of the camera
  • Become more business-minded

I have created a networking pipeline system to make it so simple for you to learn. My extensive research over the past ten years shows 99% of people fear networking. Your 3 key fears are fear of rejection, fear of failure and fear of the unknown. I help you destroy those fears ensuring you attend every business event, both external and internal, in the right frame of mind.

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What results will you get?

After the training or away-day presentations, you will be better equipped to:

  • Walk into any group situation feeling more self-confident
  • Know which groups to join and which not to join
  • Be able to approach the individual and move on gracefully after a conversation
  • Know what the best questions to ask
  • Understand the start of the follow-up process