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Network…simply to gain knowledge & Testimonials

I am a member of Pro-Manchester, a fantastic networking club for the professional and financial community of Manchester. Once a month they run an event which is pure magic for people interested in the past.
Ken Moth of the Building Design Partnership takes us on a walk around Manchester. His knowledge of it’s history, buildings and hertitage seems limitless and he presents his talk in such a passionate and enthusiatic manner.
Yes you walk with other members and talk so you could call it networking. I re-established relationships and met new people. BUT I hardly talked business. Ken was far too interesting.
He showed us round St Anns Church , Manchester Cathedral and the world famous Chetham’s School of Music.
This was the place where Karl Marx met Frederick Engels and was the birthplace for the ideals of communism.
What a great hour, what knowledge I gained.
Sometimes it’s just good to leave your normal place of work and ‘smell the roses’



I received a hand-written card from Catherine Boddington ( head of training and development) of Addleshaw Goddard , a major UK law firm, thanking me for my contribution in being awarded a postion in the top 100 companies to work for .
Going round telling people how good you are means nothing but when others say it then that’s marketing!!
Oh, don’t worry, Catherine said I could tell everyone

1 thought on “Network…simply to gain knowledge & Testimonials”

  1. Will

    You are absolutely right about networking. As you know, I’m fairly low key with my networking. It suits me. But I turn up wherever I feel comfortable whenever I can. Just recently, I turned up at a presentation just to support a colleague who was delivering. I bumped into a nice chap who had benefitted from one of my events some months before. A quick hello and a chat later, he realised that i could help out one of his clients with a problem. Ten minutes later, he had arranged an appointment for me to see his client. All because I turned up.

    And that’s not all. I had a call from someone who I met at an event 2 years ago. He remembered me as someone who could do a job, he now needs that job doing and I got the call because we clicked at a networking event.

    Oh, did I mention that after the last time we chatted about follow up calls, I went away and did what I should have been doing and it earnt me 5K. The simple things work so often

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