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The actions of rude ignorant hosts.

Why do people behave differently in a business setting from their social setting? i find it very strange.I was invited to an business event recently by ( careful Will don’t give too many clues) a professional services firm. Their boss man walked up to me gave me a perfunctory ‘Hello Will’ half shook my hand didn’t eye contact me …then immediatley moved off. His business partner did smile and in …Read More

I’ve just returned from my favourite monthly meeting….

…the North West Chapter of the Professional Speakers Association.Everyone involved with the speaking or training community are generous people with a giving spirit. It’s lonley for us all and so there is a natural want and need to help other’lonely people’.If you are a presenter who wants the best network support call me (0161 773 3727) so you can be my guest at the next meeting on Tuesday 5th February …Read More

You learn most….when you teach!

Kintish is looking for franchisees and when they join we have to show them how to present and introduce them to the content of our training and presentations. As I am helping them I am learning lots and lots. Not just how to do it but how I have been doing it and shouldn’t.As part of your career development and personal marketing look for opportunities to present , coach or …Read More

A big lesson from Chris

I receive a newsletter from my coaching friend Chris weekly. Below is a section from this week’s headed ‘Personal Relections.’ WHAT A GREAT SERIES OF LESSONS. HERE IT IS I don’t mind admitting that I experienced one of those “wake-up call” moments a few days ago. Back in August I spent a delightful day with a potential new client, meeting his team, touring his beautiful practice, lunching with his wife …Read More

Daryl’s 14 year Dream

I and the Kintish team went for lunch to the new sports and community centre recently. What a great resource for the local community. Football pitches, café , community lounge, sports hall …the works, all modern and already in great demand. By coincidence I met Daryl who was the creator of the complex. He was typically modest ( giving credit to everyone else) but I know he was THE MAN …Read More

Are you abnormal?

If you DON’T feel like this you are either lying ( to yourself!) or you are abnormal. We have asked 10’s of thousands how they feel and 99.246% feel like Brian in the picture. To help you feel better you need to prepare not just physically but mentally too. 10 WARM UP MENTAL EXERCISES 1. I am about to give up 3 precious hours, unpaid, so I going to get …Read More

20 Tips on what to ask for in a testimonial:

When you tell people how wonderful you are and the service you provide they don’t listen. When they hear it from others who they know, like and trust …they listen. Here are some tips when you start asking satisfied clients and customers for testimonials 1. Three problems your client faced before you came along.2. How delighted and happy your client is with your services.3. How easy and fulfilling it is …Read More

Definition of perseverence according to Will Smith aka Hitch

In the 2005 film Hitch the main charachter was a ‘date doctor’. Hitch shows men how to attract women ( who they really really like). The best line in the film for me was “The definition of perseverence is following a course of action in spite of discouragement, opposition or previous failures.” This applies to everything in life and not more so than when it comes to following up opportunities after …Read More

“When you see someone without a smile….

…give them one of yours.” SMILE…ITS GOOD FOR BUSINESS Smiling is infectious; you catch it like the flu When someone smiled at me today, I started smiling too I passed around the corner and someone saw my grin And when he smiled I realised, I’d passes it on to him I thought about that smile and recognized its worth A single smile, just like mine could travel round the earth …Read More

Think-plan-do….to get the best from your networking

THINKThe reason you’re going networking is to ‘spot the AHHA sentence’ if someone says to you like Freddy abovePLANbefore attending any event plan the ‘who what where why when and how’ questions DO….be enthusiasticbe courteous and politebe more interested than interestingbe a good listenerbe a good hostnot be a networking criminal because you don’t follow up ‘ahaa’ moments

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