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“It’s official. You can now talk to strangers.”

When we were young everyone is given this advice. But just now I watched a TV programme where police were asking young children under what circumstances was it acceptable to talk to strangers.Little Johnny said ,”Please miss, when you need help and the person is doing a job, sometimes in a uniform and in a building” PC Mary said “Absolutely right Johnny, well done.”A lesson for us adults. When we …Read More

“Did someone mention times are getting tougher?”

They tell me there’s a credit crunch coming along, that the economy is on a downturn, that the near future is bleak… Well, I’m not joining in! And nor should you. Remember, whenever there are difficult market conditions, in the most challenging economies in the world, people still succeed. In tricky circumstances, teams still pull through, people survive… and not just survive, thrive. Why? Because they do the right things… …Read More

What Are We Afraid Of?

Most people fear walking into a room full of strangers and that is the reason the vast majority of people will avoid attending business events at all costsTo analyse the reasons why we feel pressure or anxiety about failure, we have to understand that it is the fear of failure that hurts far more than the failure itself. Actually, it is the fear of not being sure what will happen. …Read More

“Why don’t people say thank you?”

Maybe I am getting to be a ‘grumpy old man?’ Some say I have been taht person for years!I recently rana free seminar for post-graduates at Manchester Business School. Most did not have a job and I offered to send to those who wrote to me a copy of a letter they could use to apply for jobs. It is to go with their CV/ Resume and I believe will …Read More

“Business is slow but hey that’s great!”

It’s a slow month, less presentations, less income, less profit.We’re not used to that; our growth has been like the chart above for years.”Am I bovvered?” I was..last month. But now I’m in the middle of this ‘quiet’ month i ‘m delighted for the upside.less travel for a start but the most important benefit is I am spending time with my team. We are planning, discussing and reflecting. We’re working …Read More

The “3 P’s” to gain …or lose more business

Let’s start negativeThe first set of “P’s”ProcrastinatePostponePush back When it comes to business development and chasing new clients or more business from exisiting clients it’s so easy to be waylaid by other things. Things could well be tough this year and when we feel like that it’s easy to go into negative mode. ‘They won’t have a budget”Maybe I’ll leave it another month’ ‘I read their industry insi struggling , …Read More

“Come on now, name names!”

Thousands of people go networking and a key reason is to get others who know like and trust them to refer others. But these people don’t make it easy for others to help them.‘I am looking for new clients; do you know anyone is not happy with their accountants?’‘I am looking for any businesses within 25 miles from here who need a sign writer.’I don’t know about you but if …Read More


Whenever you attend an event or function as a guest (unless perhaps it’s an exhibition or a charity dinner) there’s going to be host. When it’s your turn, or the turn of your company to host, you find that thousands can be spent on hosting. But what return do you get from the investment? Not just the investment of money, but the invisible (and often large) amount of time spent …Read More

The Law of Reciprocity.

The core principle of networking is to give first and approach life and people generally with a generous spirit. When meeting people for the first time the greatest gift we can give to our new contact is our full attention. By understanding and using the power of reciprocity, you improve your relationships and avoid mistakes that can permanently damage your relationships. In life and work, you get what you give.When …Read More

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