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Setting up in business?

When you decide to set up in business make 3 vital lists
1. List everyone you have ever known who you think would want to help you if asked. These are people who like and trust you
2. List exactly what areas of expertise you have and what benefits people will get from that advice.
3. List the companies and, if possible, positions of people in those companies you wish to meet. The more specific you can be the more your friends and family can help you.

Take lists 2 and 3 to list 1 and say, “I have just started in business and this is what I do. Please can you help me? Do you know anyone at these companies or this particular person at this company”?
If they say yes ask, “If you were me how would you approach….?”
If they like and trust you they will be happy to help. Any, my goodness, at this stage you need every bit of help you can at this point!

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