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The Law of Reciprocity.

The core principle of networking is to give first and approach life and people generally with a generous spirit. When meeting people for the first time the greatest gift we can give to our new contact is our full attention. By understanding and using the power of reciprocity, you improve your relationships and avoid mistakes that can permanently damage your relationships. In life and work, you get what you give.When …Read More


Do you really know what your customers are thinking and what they really want from you?Most companies think they do but don’t. You need a strategy to focus on your customers:• To grow the business.• To ensure the success of your existing or new product.• To develop the skills of your professional sales team.Scientists and business people with the full might of marketing tools, constantly fail to spot how much …Read More

Portraits at an exhibition

We exhibitied last week at an exhibition. It cost a lot of money. Not only the xhibition costs but 2 days in London for 3 people. We had to get a return on our investment otherwise it would have been like tearing up £50 notes.It is my business and not wasting such a vast sum of money comes easy.We worked ‘our butts off’! We worked the room, Will Kintish, me, …Read More


1. Remember, if you don’t ask, it will NEVER happen.Wayne Gretzky once said, “One hundred percent of the shots I don’t makedon’t go in.” Likewise, the unasked question is never answered. 2. Don’t beat around the bush.Just ask! 3. If it’s an extraordinary request, say so.BIG requests are often the best requests. Be 100% upfront and honest aboutwhat you want and what’s involved. 4. If the request is work that …Read More

“NO” is such a little yet emotional word

NO is the verbal negative often as a result of rejection.”NO” we don’t want your products or services; “no” I don’t want to go out with you; “no” Ican’t make it to your event.Hearing ‘no’ is no fun but often we don’t like saying ‘no’ to others simply because when we are the receiver we know how we feel. So what happens when we have to say no to someone …Read More

After the encounter…leave a sweet taste

Whether you leave a group when attending business events, finalising a deal or get a “no thanks, we don’t need your goods or services” always leave others with a sweet tatse in the mouth. At events if you are with one person at an event offer to take them for a drink or introduce them to others rather than leaving them on their own. Whenever you recive anything always acknowledge …Read More

When you attend events are you fishing or harpooning?

A harpoon is a long spear-like instrument used in fishing to catch fish or other large aquatic animals such as whales. It accomplishes this task by impaling the target animal, with the fishermen then using the a rope or chain attached to the butt of the projectile to draw the creature in. A harpoon can also be used as a weapon. Do you ever feel like this when inexperienced networkers …Read More

Please…just listen

When it comes to selling, listening is your most important skill. I come to a sales conversation with this attitude: “I have nothingto sell this person, I need to first learn if I can help him or not.”And I’m only going to find that out by listening, not talking. It’samazing what you DON’T need to explain about your services ifyou take the time to really listen. When you find yourself …Read More

The customer is king? YES but only after you look after your team first….

When your team care about the company they work and feel good coming to work they will automatically look after the customer. How do we get them to care?What is it that inspires you to do your best work? Have you considered what things might be fueling the work of your employees/coworkers? Although unique to each worker, professional drive has a basic core to which everyone can relate. Discover your …Read More

“I’m not insulting you, but what you have given me is a BAG OF CONFIDENCE TRICKS”

That’s what a senior lawyer said at the end of one of my networking skills training this week.My first reaction was, ‘Perhaps my delegate is insulting me’. Before getting too upset I stopped to reflect.I went to Wikiperdia to get a definition firstly.Wikipedia defines a confidence trick asA confidence trick is an attempt to swindle a person or persons which involves gaining his or her confidence.”Cofidence is one of the …Read More

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