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Not working the room; a fresh perspective

I read this by Dennie from her blog Similar Circles…takes the pressure off sometimes I found myself at a music festival this weekend. Literally. On Friday night, I stood on the edge of the grass behind the sea of lawn chairs and felt myself arrive – piece by piece. The sky had miraculously cleared and there were at least 4 constellations (of which I knew the names). The sun had …Read More

Reflections from a US Conference

I recently returned from a big big Convention in New York. New york, for me , is the most exciting and busiest place in the world. If you don’t like noise, people, traffic,big buildings and a fast pace of life…don’t go.The convention itself was okay, good but not in my view great. I had been wanting to go for 8 years so the anticipation was high. Like everything in life …Read More

I met Jeremy Thorn just surfing the net

I found Jeremy Thorn writng on an online magazine called Fresh Business Thinking He wrote a great article entitled Ten Top Tips For Persuading Others here they are We all need to be persuasive to get our points of view across effectively. But are there any ‘golden rules’? Here are ten, well proven. We probably knew them already – but do we always apply them? We all have to influence …Read More

“You can’t network with the groom on his wedding day!”

When I found out the groom was a senior member of the training and development team at a prospect’s company I couldn’t help myself. I introduced myself and explained what I did. He said his company may be interested in my services and we should meet after his honeymoon.It all lasted less than 1 minute but I have now met this guy,eye to eye and when I call it will …Read More

How to Win Friends and Influence People

Th above title is the name of a book written by Dale Carnegie in 1936…a long long time agoBUT it was actually voted THE BEST MANAGEMENT BOOK OF THE 20th CENTURY.it is as relevant now as it was then. In fact it is more relevant as technology is trying to take over for good old-fashioned communcations through word of mouth.Younger people are trying to build relationships through Facebook,Bebo and other …Read More

Who is Killing the Energy?

another guest writer to my blog… Paul Bridle a leading authority on leadership Here are his sage words Recently, I was with someone who found it amusing to make sarcastic digs when the opportunity arose. Those comments were funny when taken at face value. However, when they were aimed at someone in particular, they were hurtful and even undermined the individual. I noticed a few things as a result of …Read More

“Straightforward and Clear Communication”, says

…marketing guru Robert MiddletonEXTRACT FROM HIS WEEKLY NEWSLETTERMuch of marketing is convoluted and confusing. It doesn’t have to be. To market oneself effectively, one needs to communicate simply and with clarity: “These are the clients we work with; these are the areas where they have problems; this is the solution we provide; this is how it works and this is what it costs.” TIME FOR ME TO PRACTISE THISWe work …Read More

Don’t sell when you network, but do….

…remember when you are at a business event you have a vital role to play. Whether you are a single person business or represent a major organisation you areTHE AMBASSADOR FOR THE BRAND.When you meet someone and you are the first person they have met from the business you are attached to that person will often decide what sort of a business it is depending on your behaviour. behave well …Read More

Pour P.E.E. into your presentations!

When you make a presentation, whether it is to colleagues, clients, prospects or professional contacts you are saying “I’ve earned the right to be up here; I’m an expert.” When you do it well i.e. in a confident and convincing manner it is the very best way of marketing both yourself and the company you represent. When you give away free and valuable information to your relevant audience it is …Read More

Kids + adults + rejection

I was chatting with my fellow professional speaker, Kenny Harris about why kids don’t seem to have the same problem. He wrote You’ll recall you pondered the question – kids don’t seem to be nervous/shy about walking into nursery, and just introducing themselves – why not, and what makes adults different? (There are, obviously, kids who ARE shy, mostly with adult groups, but for the most part I think you’re …Read More

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