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Make an effective presentation

To make an effective presentation you need the ‘”E’s” as Dale Carnegie announced all that time ago.
If you’re not enthusiastic about presenting why should your audience be interested in what you have to say?
Are you eager to get your message across and educate or entertain? If not your audience will turn off immediately
Earned the right
When you have had enough experience or the story belongs to you, then you’ve earned the right to stand up and use your audience’s time.
It’s only when the 3 E’s are present will you make an effective presentation.
At my breakfast club this morning John ( not his real name) stood up amled to the front and said
” I don’t know why I’m doing this. I really don’t want to and I haven’t really prepared and i’m not feeling too good and …and…. and.”
WOW, what a start to him trying to promote his business. if you didn’t know this man you would never have bought his services.
Ironically enough after he got going he told some great stories but that start…oh dear, oh dear oh dear!

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