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Change Your Thinking

There are lots of people who consider selling and marketing as essentially dishonest and manipulative. If that’s how you think, the chances are you will resist change with all your might. This resistance is expressed in sentiments such as: I feel uncomfortable talking about myself and blowing my own trumpet I sound phoney when I write about the benefits I offer I’m just not the marketing typeI can’t sell myself …Read More

Voices in our heads

When you walk into a room full of strangers, do you ever start off having ‘solo’ conversations which go something like this? • “I don’t know enough about xxxx.”• “How am I going to break the ice,’ because I don’t know anyone, do I?”• “ I’m so nervous that I’m bound to forget the name of the host, not to mention other peoples’ names when I first meet them”• “I’ve …Read More

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