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What did you think of the Christmas break?

I went for 10 days to our friend’s apartment in Spain. It was great but I still worked.

I got up early each morning as I normally do and spent 2 hours working on a major project. As the sun warmed up mid –morning I put the computer away and then swam or sunbathed and read.

I am not a relaxed person and always need to be doing something. I have a 40+ year to do list and if you know my vintage you will know I have to cram a lot in quickly.

And anyway work? Was it work doing what I love in the quiet of the apartment? No. It would have been had I come back to the office with all those distractions and interruptions.

Confusion he say

“ Give a person a job they love and they never have to work a day in their life”

That’s me…or am I just a self-confessed incurable workaholic?

Who cares?

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