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10 Simple Steps to Developing Communication Confidence

Step 6 – Stretch to Grow 

Another trait I have observed through observing highly successful individuals is the attitude of always growing. These gifted communicators learned this craft by persisting and continuing to learn from every experience.

After a meeting these people typically ask themselves how they could have performed even better. And they stretch themselves everyday to do just a little better than the day before. Make a list of those situations in your life where you find it difficult to communicate at your best. Pick one to work on.

Step 7 – Join The Top 3% of Humanity

It’s shocking when you learn the difference between those who get what they want in life and everyone else.

There is a relatively small group of people who seem to have all the luck. They drive luxury cars, live in huge homes, have great relationships and succeed at virtually everything they do.

How do they do it?

Well it’s not because of luck unless you believe that luck is due to preparation and an eye for spotting and seizing opportunities. The top 3% of humanity commit to self-development. They invest in books, courses and seminars to develop their skills and abilities. They then go one step further and apply what they learn.

Step 8 – Beyond Wanting Approval 

What is the source of that charismatic glow that some people have? Why does it radiate so strongly? When you do not want or need the approval of the people you are talking to your entire communication takes on a different and more energetic quality. And that’s the secret! Let go of wanting the approval of other people and ironically you will tend to get that very approval.

Step 9 – Be At Your Persuasive Best 

Charisma is that aura that some people have that makes you receptive to what they say. In other words they have a persuasive charm that causes people to take action based on what they suggest. Would like to be more persuasive? Would it help you to enlist the help of your co-workers when you need to get things done? Do you want your family to pay more attention to your needs? The best communicators in the workplace do not rely solely on their position to get people to take action. They understand the importance of mastering persuasion skills to create an environment where staff willingly work hard to achieve results.

Step 10 – Focus is the Fuel of Communication Confidence

To talk with confidence you absolutely must remain focused on your goals despite any problems you currently face. You cannot afford to worry about other things when you are talking. If you let your mind wander you will dilute the impact of your words. You need millionaire focus!

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