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If I hadn’t…

…approached the other speaker Jeremy Cassell he wouldn’t have me given his book. Brilliant Selling. Having read it there was lots of useful advice which I shared with Shona my business development manager. As a result she will create more business for the company. If you don’t go you’ll never know.

Networking scenario … has this happened to you?

“I can’t help you here; sorry” When asked a question about networking I am pleased to admit it is rare when I don’t know the answer. But recently I was posed this scenario. A young lady representing a powerful networking club decided to attend an event to listen to a topic she was particularly interested in. Understanding that it is never all about the presentation she got there early to …Read More

Don’t let this happen to you….it won’t when you do some planning

It was the seminar coffee break, and we’d just covered the section planning and preparation before going to a business related event. Mark (not his real name) said to me “Will, I wish this course had been on 2 days ago.” “Why?” I asked. This is a true story told by Mark. “A message came through my P.A. saying I was invited to an event by a major supplier 7.30pm-9.00pm …Read More


I subscribe to lots of daily and weekly online business based magazines which obviously have news about businesses. Some of them may be present or old clients. This week I wrote to a past client to wish him congratulations on some great initiative his company were embarking on. Then I suggested we got together to explore ideas as I hadn’t been in touch for some time. We meet next week. Nothing …Read More

After you have done a great job for your client consider asking one of these questions…

We are in the process of updating our mailing lists.  We only want to send information out to relevant people who will be interested.  Who do you know who should be on it? We are more up front on marketing, and I’m trying to build up a portfolio, do you know of anyone I might speak to? Do you know anyone with similar problems to those we’ve sorted out here? …Read More

The 10 unsavoury behaviours of the networking hooligan

The following 5 unsavoury behaviours of networking 6. He is downright rude, sneers at something said or is uncomplimentary about other people and their business. 7. He breaks into closed groups where it’s obvious they’re having a private and confidential conversation. Another note read the various rooms ‘ body language; approach only the open formatted groups unless  you know someone in there. 8. He drinks too much too soon and …Read More

The 10 unsavoury behaviours of the networking hooligan

The networking hooligan This is the rude, disrespectful ignorant networker. He generally attends events and generally upsets lots of people. What does he do to create this unhappy situation? Women generally are much nicer and tend to behave in a more courteous friendly way. Here are 5 disgusting behaviours: He doesn’t understand the rules of space, stands too close and for those with claustrophobia is a living hell. You take …Read More

10 Simple Steps to Developing Communication Confidence

Step 6 – Stretch to Grow  Another trait I have observed through observing highly successful individuals is the attitude of always growing. These gifted communicators learned this craft by persisting and continuing to learn from every experience. After a meeting these people typically ask themselves how they could have performed even better. And they stretch themselves everyday to do just a little better than the day before. Make a list …Read More

10 Simple Steps to Developing Communication Confidence

Step One – State Management Every successful man and woman deals effectively with the constant pressure and demands of modern life. You need to learn to do the same. If you don’t you will fail to communicate at your best when it is most important that you do so. Think of people who have charisma…Maybe your favourite actor or even someone in your office. Do they exude stress and worry? …Read More

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