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“I know it’s a girly thing but….”

As part of our seminars, we run an exercise asking delegates what they should be considering before attending business events. After all, no professional or business person would ever dream of attending a client or prospect meeting without doing some preparation and planning. One of the items which is always mentioned is ‘decide what you’re going to wear’. When the answer comes from a woman it is invariable preceded by, …Read More

Don’t network, don’t succeed! Fears and concerns…continued

Fear of Rejection Most people won’t make that first move for fear of rejection. Fear is an acronym; it stands for False Expectations Appearing Real. We walk into that room full of negatives. ‘No-one will talk to me’ ‘I am not going to be interesting’ ‘What if I’m judged and found wanting?’ Most people are friendly and polite so leave those words behind when you arrive. All I say is …Read More

Don’t network, don’t succeed! Fears and concerns…continued

Fear of the Unknown Walking into a room where you have been before and knowing no-one is scary. I hate walking into a room full of strangers so I always avoid it. How? Simply by planning my day carefully and arriving early. I have presented for a decade asking tens of thousands how they feel and I can confidently say 98+% of people have similar fears Every room you have …Read More

Don’t network, don’t succeed! Fears and concerns

Apart from the negative press networking has created, we all have 3 basic primeval fears when it comes to walking into a room full of strangers. 1. Fear of failure 2. Fear of the unknown 3. Fear of rejection. Let me share with you some tips and ideas to help you overcome those fears which should then give you more confidence to attend more events Fear of failure You won’t …Read More

Don’t network? Don’t succeed! – Why attend events?

We go to • Raise our own and our company’s profile • Gain useful information • Understand our market place • Find people who can supply us • Meet key people and decision makers • Get to know what others do. • Get others to know what we do • Help others with their business challenges • Find potential new colleagues This list is not exhaustive. Consider for a moment …Read More

Don’t network? Don’t succeed! – Building Relationships

The three key steps to building new relationships are: 1. Get to know more people by attending more events. 2. Start to get them to like you and build rapport and affinity 3. Continue past step 2 and build trust to create long-term meaning sustainable relationships I believe the reason the word attracts such negative views is because many people simply don’t know how to do it effectively and more …Read More

How much Propinquity do you create when networking?

What a great word, no, not ‘networking’ but a word I have recently been introduced to – propinquity. For those who don’t know the meaning of the word, let me share. Propinquity means physical or emotional proximity, a kinship between people, or a similarity in nature between things. Two people living on the same floor of a building, for example, have a higher propinquity than those living on different floors, …Read More

Voices in our heads – Part 2

The majority of people have negative conversations simply because we all have two key fears in our lives; fear of rejection and the fear of failure. Fear is a made-up word – it’s really an acronym F.E.A.R. It represents the phrase ‘false expectations appearing real’. These fears do represent false expectations as most people who attend business events are friendly, personable and welcoming. When have you been rejected at a …Read More

Voices in our heads – Part 1

Is it any wonder most people decline or ignore business invitations when they start out with a head full of negative self-talk. When you walk into a room full of strangers, do you ever start off having ‘solo’ conversations which go something like this? • “I don’t know enough about xxxx.” • “How am I going to break the ice,’ because I don’t know anyone, do I?” • “ I’m …Read More

Networking and business cards and time wasters

Imagine two people attending an event, sizing it up and drawing an imaginary line down the middle. They separate, each taking half the room. At the end of the event, they meet again to see who’s collected the most business cards. Have you met these people? Sure you have. We all have. What did they accomplish? They collected a lot of cards that will end up on a shelf, in …Read More

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