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The 10 deadly sins of the Naughty Networker

This is part of a comprehensive article “The 10 Deadly Sins of Naughty Networkers”… 3. Not realising  how vital first impressions are. It’s unfair but people are very early to judge you in those first few moments. So smile, give a firm handshake, make eye contact as you do. And as you are doing this you swap names. The networking sinner will immediately let that name disappear into the ether. …Read More

The 10 deadly sins of the Naughty Networker

This is part of a comprehensive article “The 10 Deadly Sins of Naughty Networkers”… 1. Mixing up selling with networking Inexperienced networkers think they have to sell their services, products or company when they attend business events. What a terrible way to start a relationship. The only thing we sell is ourselves and our personality. Find out what other people do and listen carefully to see if your knowledge and …Read More

Mistakes people make when attending formal networking clubs

1 People don’t turn up as often as they should. Your fellow members have short memories, if you’re not there referral business will be offered elsewhere 2 People don’t give the session the ‘space’ it needs. Get there early and aim to leave space at the end. That’s where the real business is done, in the informal sessions. 3 Don’t go only thinking ‘What’s in it for me?’ Start with …Read More

remembering names. Can you?

“Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” – Dale Carnegie When we go networking it is simply to build new or build on exisiting relationships. No single action conveys the message “you’re important” as effectively as remembering another person’s name. Here are some steps you might take to help ensure name recollection: Hear and understand the name Create a …Read More

How Effective Is Your Networking Strategy?

YOU DO HAVE ONE, DON’T YOU? My guess is you have a marketing plan or strategy which will include two headings such as corporate events and advertising organising seminars, pens with your company’s name, the list goes on. Do the words “networking activities” feature? You will quite rightly argue that corporate events and seminars could be included under that heading. That’s fine, but what return do you get from your …Read More

Ladies Toilets!

I recommend to women who struggle with networking when they go to an event alone to always start the event in the ladies toilet. Even if your hair makeup and lipstick is perfect. Why? Because there will be every chance you start chatting and you can enter the event with a new ‘friend’. As a rule men don’t talk in toilets!!

Networking clubs

“Here at Kintish we love to promote any networking clubs or events around the northwest and nationwide. Click the link below to view some of the clubs we recommend. Remember practice makes perfect when it comes to networking and if you don’t go you’ll never know. https://www.kintish.co.uk/free-information/networking-clubs/ Alternatively if you have a networking club you’d like us to promote please email me the details by clicking here.”

If I hadn’t…

Sent out an e-shot a stray one wouldn’t have landed on Gorg’s inbox in Malta. “Why not come out and present here?” he said. “I don’t know anyone there” “I know everyone” said Gorg. We did a public course and 100+ delegates came. Since then I have been to my favourite sunny isle on 6 occasions working each time. Sometimes you just need a bit of luck

Networking and PR – a combination that sparks

Manchester PR Rob Baker of Artisan. PR in its own right is a powerful tool to raise and enhance the reputation of businesses looking to gain a competitive advantage. Its versatility and reach are often not appreciated even by those that have some knowledge and admiration for what it can deliver. It is more than a media relations tool for hard copy media (such as newspapers and trade press) although …Read More

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