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Baby chicks in the nest!

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Are you busy? I hear lots of people say,” What do you think, we’re in recession? No, fees and sales are well down and the phone’s not ringing like it used to.”

I hear this so much and depending who I’m talking to I sometimes suggest they ought to be busier than ever…marketing. You should either be earning the fee or making the sale or taking action to find more work and create more sales. By way of a summary -ask yourself.

1. Who your target market is?

2. What you are offering and how your clients and customers will benefit as a result of doing business with you?

3. What is your marketing message? This is what you say to your target market about your defined service to get them interested and wanting to know more. The message must be crystal-clear and promise a clear and valuable outcome.

4. Do you have effective marketing materials? This can be a good website which can include audio or video.  Are you involved with social marketing to ensure you raise your profile to a global market place? Do you keep in touch with your existing clients to ensure they remember you’re still in business and what new offerings you may have.

5 Are you attending the appropriate business events to get your message across and build new or on existing relationships?

When you do none of the above your business behaves like the baby chicks in the nest!

If ever there was a time to be very busy and more proactive than ever, now is that time.

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