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Do you have any passion?

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“What Passion, Pride and Belief do you show when attending business events?”

My vast research and experience assures me a large percentage of people who go networking go with the wrong attitude. This observation by a US lady called

Annie Gottlier says it all, “It’s so hard when I have to, and so easy when I want to “.

When we attend we often extend our working day resulting in stealing time from our family, our sports and hobbies and general relaxation time. So let me share with you some thoughts to ensure in future you enjoy your networking.

After all, what is networking? It’s simply talking and building new or on existing relationships.


Do you have passion for the work you do? Do you think your job creates useful outcomes and adds value to your clients’ business with your service or products? I hope the answer is yes. Then walk into that room thinking “Who has a business issue which I can solve?” rather than “I am here on my company’s behalf and I can’t leave without an order”.  Don’t mix up relationship building with selling. If you don’t like what you do, it may be time for a change.


Don’t sell when you attend events other than yourself. People buy people before they buy the product or service and generally, in the first instance they aren’t too bothered what company you represent. But never forget whilst traditional selling isn’t the order of the day you are the ‘Ambassador for the Brand’. If you meet someone and you are the first person they have met from your company, one can argue they will view your company on the basis of how you behave. “You want them to leave you saying to others ‘I just met a really nice person from xxxx’ rather than ‘I’m not sure I want to deal with xxxx as I met someone from there and they were so pushy and trying to sell me something right at the start of our conversation. If you don’t like the company you represent, it may be time for a change.


The vast majority of people walking into business events have negative voices in their heads. ‘Will anyone be interested in me?’ ‘I am not able to break the ice or do small talk.’ ‘I feel sure it’s going to be a waste of time’. The list goes on.

Are you a nice person? of course you are and most of the people in that room will be just like you. The tiny percentage of rude people should be avoided. Walk in that room with your head held high thinking ‘I’m a nice person who is going to have a good time, meet interesting people, get them to like me by me showing genuine interest in them. I have as much right to be in this room as everyone else. If you lack this self- belief it maybe time for a change!

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