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I haven’t got time for LinkedIn…

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All I can say is ‘The more effort you put in, generally, the more rewards you get’. And that I believe applies so much to LinkedIn. When people say they haven’t got time I have to say perhaps it isn’t to do with time but to do with priorities. The question is what do you want from LinkedIn?

Daily LinkedIn To Do’s

  • Review your home page for people checking your profile and suggested connection in the top right hand corner.
  • Respond to any messages in your inbox.
  • Respond to any invitations to join other people’s networks. BUT in my view only where there is a good commercial reason for doing so. Connecting with a complete stranger I think is…what can I say here…stupid and can be dangerous.
  • Review the Updates section of your home page to check for interesting events, projects, or comments.
  • Check discussions in your two or three most important industry groups. Respond where appropriate
  • Invite people you met the previous day to join your network, as long as they are people you know and trust or you are going to make sure you get together with them to discuss each other’s goals and objectives.
  • Post a status update. Regularly include a link to helpful articles, blog posts, or websites.
  • When surfing casually if you see someone you’d like to start a business relationship with invite them to connect but tell them when they accept you will be in touch afterwards to arrange a call or a coffee

Weekly LinkedIn To Do’s

  • Look at new groups your connections are joining.
  • Review profile updates of the most important people in your network.
  • Review the new connections of your Number 1 connections.
  • Look at the complete networks of any new Number 1’s.
  • Review the results of your three saved searches.
  • Share any relevant articles, blog posts, or events as a discussion in your most important groups.

Monthly LinkedIn To Do’s

  • Review your profile for possible additions or changes.
  • Review your list of first-level connections and identify people you should contact in the near future.
  • Consider revising any of your saved searches for increased effectiveness.
  • Go through your connections list and write two unsolicited recommendations.
  • Make a list of people who may derive real benefit from being connected to each other and set up a lunch or breakfast to introduce them.

Periodic To Do’s (Every Few Months)

  • Review individual and company profiles of your closest competitors.

( Taken from an article by Wayne Breitbarth…top Linkedin expert; here’s his profile

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