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How to lose megabucks at an exhibition

We exhibited today at the Solicitor Group Exhibition at the NEC. It was a costly affair but I believe the return on our investment will be high. Why? Because we worked the stand! We stopped as many passer-bys as follows simply with a smile or an icebreaker like “You seem to like collecting freebies (if they had a bulging bag) why not come and get more goodies from us? And …Read More

You can’t win them all…but you can try

I attended a charity business lunch and had a most enjoyable time. But that was all. The speaker was dire and the format left little opportunities for informal networking as it was a sit down lunch. I kept looking for ahaa moments but didn’t even really learn any useful information or even local gossip.So was it worth attending. Well I re-connected with some past acquaintances I hadn’t seen for some …Read More

A dozen way to exceed clients’ expectations…+2

Your clients pay your salary so think about how to manage, nay exceed their expectations. Here are 12 ideas 1. Admit……mistakes2. Ask for……complaints3. Ask often……how are we doing?4. Call……clients for no reason5. Acknowledge……letters and information sent through the post6. Cure……regular mistakes now7. Customise……to their needs8. Find……current needs9. Know……everything possible about their business10. Refer……to others (if you can’t help)11. Send……thank yous, cards on moving, etc.12. Visit/invite……their business or yours AND FINALLY, …Read More

What a great networking day. This is what happened.

7 AM The Manchester Business Breakfast Club I’ve been attending for over 7 years now and still love every minute of it. The people around the breakfast table are, on the whole, people I know, like and trust. I introduced a guest who I think enjoyed it He is a business development manager from Davenham Asset Finance. He has a good attitude to networking and if he joins will bring …Read More

Is your focus in the right place?

Most businesses focus on getting new clients.Yesterday I ran a workshop entitled “Clients…do we really care?”Well do you?It has to be easier and so much cheaper looking after the clients and customers you have. That way they become your free sales force.Ask you staff, ask yourself “Who pays your wages?”. You surely know the answers. Get the teasm together and ask them 3 questions 1. What key things regularly go …Read More

How often do you work ON your business as opposed to working IN it?

Today was spent in the office. Didn’t earn a fee and loved every minute of it! Why?Because it gave me time to stop, reflect, talk to the team and think about “Where to next?” It’s so easy ‘doing it doing it doing it’ as e-myth guru Michael Gerber saysThe amount of ideas and positive actions we agreed to take today answered that question and we now have detailed plans for …Read More

You can’t beat walking for creating great thinking time

I was out at 7.30 am this morning walking the fields around junction 4 of the M1..of all places. But the sun shone, the birds sang and Kintish had time to think. What did I think about today? FORMULA FOR BUSINESS SUCCESSAs I start my 7th year in business as a presenter,trainer and consultant on all things relevant to effective networking I believe the answer is 1 Be passionate about …Read More

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