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Today’s 2 minute silence for the fallen in the wars

As I was paying my silent respects it crossed my mind how long two minutes can be.
This is particularly when you explain to people what you do. Measure out 2 minutes in silence then think how bored someone could be in that time!
People don’t really care what you do…they only care waht you can do for them. Include in your SHORT reply the word ‘help’.
When people ask me , “Will what do you do?” I don’t tell them I’m a speaker or presenter, I tell them I help people who struggle with networking. If they are interested they will ask the next obvious question.
If they say, “That’s interesting…and where did you holiday this year?” I safely assume they are not interested in my area of work.
How many time shave you been bored after 45seconds let alone 2 minutes?
Give some thought to your answer, keep it interesting and short.

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