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Boots the Chemist…Good customer care?

Nicola told me this

On the 06/11/06 I went to Boots and bought some nurofen, I then came back to the office 2 hours after getting back I needed some tablets, I opened the packet and it was empty!!

I then rang the store I purchsed them from and complained, they told me they must have been stolen out the packet whilst on the shelf at which point I told them that it is not good enough and I want them to bring me some nurofen to work, the girl on the other end of the phone went quite and then put me on hold, SHE THEN CAME BACK ON THE PHONE ASKED FOR THE ADDRESS AND SAID THEY WILL SEND SOMEONE TO THE OFFICE WITH TABLETS…

An hour later I had tablets and my bad head was gone….

Just shows what you can do…WHEN YOU ASK THE QUESTION

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