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The Ten Secrets For Successful Internet Marketing In the 21st Century

by Gihan Perera

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Recently, Internet research group Netcraft reported that there are now over 100 million Web sites on the Internet. That’s a far cry from the few hundred that were around when I first started using the Web in 1995.
In that time, the rules have changed. Things that used to work even a few years ago no longer work now. That’s why I’ve decided to list these “Secrets” for successfully marketing yourself on the Internet now.
I’ve only got space to give you a quick summary here. But I’ve also put together a 45-minute audio recording that goes into these in more detail. You can get it at no charge – details after the article.
Secret #1. Friends, not strangers
Use the Internet to market to “friends” (existing clients and customers), rather than just looking to get new customers (“strangers”).
Secret #2. High margin, not high volume
Create product/service bundles that have high value and high profit margins, rather than trying to sell low-margin items to lots of customers.
Secret #3. Lead with expertise, not sales
People search the Internet looking for information. Give them the information first, before you launch into your sales pitch.
Secret #4. Sell on value, not on cost
Your customers don’t care how much it costs you to provide your products and services. They care about the value you provide.
Secret #5. Generate leads, not sales
It’s tempting to think that you can do the entire sales process on your Web site, without any effort on your part. This is possible, but DIFFICULT. Use your Web site to generate a new lead for your business, and then take over to deal with the customer directly to make the sale.
Secret #6. Find a market niche, not a wide spread
The Web is now much more competitive than ever before. The successful Internet marketers focus on a tightly defined, highly specialised niche market rather than trying to be all things to all people.
Secret #7. Build relationships, not transactions
All the money is in the customer, not in the first sale. Foster the long-term relationship with your customers, and they’ll keep coming back to you for more.
Secret #8. It’s still about people, not computers
Regardless of the technology, it’s still about people buying from people. Make sure your Web site and e-mail marketing talk to the person sitting behind the computer.
Secret #9. Create intermediation, not transparency
There’s so much information out there now that your customers are clamouring for experts to sift through it and deliver it in a way that provides meaning and value.
Secret #10. Market offline, not just online
The Internet is just another marketing tool. Don’t rely on Internet marketing alone. Combine your on-line marketing with off-line marketing methods as well.

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  1. Excellent marketing secrets, I haven’t really thought much about marketing off line. It seems everything is so much more accessible online. This one makes me stop and think about the importance of Internet Marketing

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