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“It’s not what happens to you, it’s what you do about it.”

I have just spent a brilliant weekend at the Belfry. No,not playing golf but attending the Professional Speakers Association annual convention. I heard some good speakers, some very good speakers, learnt lots and lots about marketing, made lots of new friends, reinforced old friendships and went to bed late!
All in all very memorable.
But the high light for me was a keynote by W. Mitchell. Read his story here.
Here is a quick part of his story
W Mitchell knows about challenge, change and courage — all first hand. He speaks to you about the battles and the victories of life. From co-founding a metal casting company that put thousands to work, from his election as mayor and congressional nominee, from a fiery motorcycle accident that left him burned over 65% of his body, and from the airplane crash that took away his ability to walk, Mitchell now soars above the rest with grace, good humor and gumption.

If ever you get a chance to hear this man go listen, you won’t forget his talk for a long time. If you are a miserable state because the computer has broken or the client changes their mind think about W. Mitchell and his philosophy on life.

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