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Kintish interferring

My son-in-law has just been promoted to manager. As an interferring father-in-law this is an email I have just sent to him Fantastic news. Well done.Here is one or two tips to consider as a manager.1 These people can and hopefully will make money for you. BUT don’t forget they are volunteers and can walk out on you any time!2 Appreciation is the key. A “thank you, that was great” …Read More

From marketing to selling

Each week I receive a fantasitc newsleter from Robert Middleton called “More Clients”. This week he goes forward to basics and entitles his article GETTING TO YES -PART 1I could have rewritten the article in my own words but why change something which is perfect….read on.First, a quick review: The job of marketing is to turn strangers into prospects who have a positive experience of you and your services. Your …Read More

Your time is so precious. It is an irreplaceable resource

..so don’t waste it. if you are an advocate of networking think carefully where you should invest your time. Don’t spead yourself too thinly. be involved with groups where you really get to know others and them you.It takes time for people to know like and trust each other. You have to work hard at it and build relationships in a patient manner.Don’t flit from one group to another or …Read More

The Ten Secrets For Successful Internet Marketing In the 21st Century

by Gihan Perera This man is worth listening to.get his newslettter it really is valuable stuff. Recently, Internet research group Netcraft reported that there are now over 100 million Web sites on the Internet. That’s a far cry from the few hundred that were around when I first started using the Web in 1995. In that time, the rules have changed. Things that used to work even a few years …Read More

The Grand Hotel Eastbourne

I spoke at at conference there in the last day or so. I spend my life in hotels so don’t get easily impressed.This hotel impressed. Not just the decor and old-fashioned splendour but the service levels. If you want a special few days away on the south coast, try this place. You won’t be disappointed

Today’s 2 minute silence for the fallen in the wars

As I was paying my silent respects it crossed my mind how long two minutes can be.This is particularly when you explain to people what you do. Measure out 2 minutes in silence then think how bored someone could be in that time!People don’t really care what you do…they only care waht you can do for them. Include in your SHORT reply the word ‘help’.When people ask me , “Will …Read More

Boots the Chemist…Good customer care?

Nicola told me this On the 06/11/06 I went to Boots and bought some nurofen, I then came back to the office 2 hours after getting back I needed some tablets, I opened the packet and it was empty!! I then rang the store I purchsed them from and complained, they told me they must have been stolen out the packet whilst on the shelf at which point I told …Read More

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