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It’s Christmas time…time for socialising, time for networking

Either way you are going to meet strangers, you know those funny people your mummy told you not to talk to when you were very young But you’re now grown up. here are some thoughts before you enter the arena 1 99% of people are nervous. If you’re not you, are abnormal!2 Expect nearly everyone to be welcoming and polite. There will be the odd rude person. Don’t focus on …Read More

Plan and prepare for your networking

Just think of those 7 open questionsWHO will be going? Who should go with me? Who will the hosts be?WHAT is the event all about? What will the format be?WHEN is the event? Can I go, what are the timings?WHERE is it? Do I have directions, any parking problems?WHY is this event being held? DO I need to know some history behind it?WHICH dress or suit am I going to …Read More

The most important person in your business is the customer…not!

Yes, there is no business without a customer and all commerce stems from that person. But for a business to thrive and you to have fun in your daily work life the key party are your colleagues. When you are in charge of others treat them with respect courtesy and consideration and they will treat the customer as the most important person. This will happen without you having to prompt …Read More

How has 2006 been for you?

The Kintish business has looked like this graph since inception 6 years ago.We have had good years and ‘average years.We have had 2 great years and are at our most successful.WHEN YOU ARE AT YOUR MOST SUCCESSFUL, YOU CAN OFTEN BE AT YOUR MOST VULNERABLEOne can get complacent, ‘nothing can touch us now’ ‘we’re bomb-proof’.Anyone with a memory for business back to the late 1990’s will remember Marks & Spencer. …Read More

Do you hate gatekeepers?

Gatekeepers, the scourge of the follow up!There are many reasons people don’t follow up opportunities which may arise after attending business events. A regular one is ‘how do I get passed the gatekeeper? Firstly you have to pass the receptionist then when you’re really unfortunate a P.A. or secretary.Look at these ladies above. How can you possibly be nervous about people like them? What is your person like? The chances …Read More

Jonathan Walsh from Friends Provident said this about Business Cards

Take the right approach to networking Networking events allow salespeople to scout for customers, but instead of collecting as many business cards as they can, your salespeople should set a more promising goal: Get to know just three people. Tell them to find out everything they can about their three contacts without trying to sell anything up front, and use that knowledge when they call back later. They may not …Read More

Networking and success

It doesn’t matter if you don’t like networking, if not you’re good at it, or if you just don’t do it – this won’t stop you from being successful! However, when you are a confident, enthusiastic and effective networker, I can guarantee that you will be.

Kintish interferring

My son-in-law has just been promoted to manager. As an interferring father-in-law this is an email I have just sent to him Fantastic news. Well done.Here is one or two tips to consider as a manager.1 These people can and hopefully will make money for you. BUT don’t forget they are volunteers and can walk out on you any time!2 Appreciation is the key. A “thank you, that was great” …Read More

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