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How would you have felt?


(If I don’t get satisfaction the name will be revealed!)

I have just arrived from a very long 12 hour journey to your hotel at 11:30pm Wednesday 21st March and I felt secure. Why? Because I booked with (REF 2424513R), got my confirmation, you had my credit card, so everything was fine…as far as I was concerned!
Then Roland, your night porter (a lovely young guy) said to me “sorry sir the hotel is full, we are going to send you to another hotel ”

How would you have felt? I even made it clear in the special requirements section when I booked that I would be arriving late.

To add insult to injury that hotel is a long way from where I am working today.
The reason I chose your hotel was because it was close to where I was planning on working today. My whole life is spent travelling and I use lots of thistle hotels for both accommodation purposes and also to run my conferences, that is, until now.
Keeping all the above in mind, Monica, I’d be grateful if you would consider compensating me in some way for all this stress and strain that I had to put up with yesterday.

This isn’t your fault, but for the first time in 10 years I overslept which means I arrived late at my clients. Had I been at the “right hotel” I wouldn’t have done! I look forward to a positive response.
Yours sincerely,

Will Kintish

P.S. The very worst, Monica, is that because I overslept, and because I was so far away from my client, I missed my inclusive breakfast!

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