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To get help you need to help yourself first

I presented to young law students today, a number of whom haven’t yet got jobs. I asked them where they would like to work (it’s March, the course finishes in the Summer) and you know what ? many said they had no idea. i shouted at them and told them to get focused! shouting at clients is not clever,although the Chief Exec said, “well done!”
Some seemed to know which town they wanted to work in…a start. This is the advice I gave to them.

  1. Choose say 6 firms you would like to work for
  2. Ask everyone you know “Who do you know at….?”
  3. If they find someone who knows someone there…
  4. Say to your contact, “Please can you help me? If you were me, how would you get an interview with…?”

If people know you, like you and trust you they will be keen to help.
BUT you have to help yourself first

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