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Listen, don’t just wait

A key skill for effective networkers is to be able to listen properly. There are 5 levels of listening 1 We don’t listen. It’s rude and we cannot possibly build relationships! People who do this are simply waiting to talk rather than listening. You will meet the ‘Ah but…’ and ‘Yes yes and ….’ So called listeners. 2 Men are better at level 2 than women. We pretend to listen! …Read More

“Who the hell do you think you’re talking to?”

I was inspired to write this posting from an article by Nigel Percy who produces a brilliant weekly newsletter. Check him out here Imagine the scene. You have been asked by someone senior to represent your company as he was invited to a big and important business event but, at the last minute had another even more important meeting. BUT.. like good professionals do you have planned and prepared for …Read More

Don’t go in for the kill when

you spot a potential opportunity. When you are out there networking and someone says “To be honest we don’t think our advisors/ suppliers are doing a good job for us at the most” it is just too tempting to say “We can do that” or “Oh we’re better than that” or ” Yes, I hear they’re not very good”NEVER slag off the oppostion. It is bad form and there are …Read More

How would you have felt?

THIS IS A LETTER I SENT TO THE MANAGER OF A WELL-KNOWN HOTEL CHAIN (If I don’t get satisfaction the name will be revealed!) I have just arrived from a very long 12 hour journey to your hotel at 11:30pm Wednesday 21st March and I felt secure. Why? Because I booked with laterooms.com (REF 2424513R), got my confirmation, you had my credit card, so everything was fine…as far as I …Read More

To get help you need to help yourself first

I presented to young law students today, a number of whom haven’t yet got jobs. I asked them where they would like to work (it’s March, the course finishes in the Summer) and you know what ? many said they had no idea. i shouted at them and told them to get focused! shouting at clients is not clever,although the Chief Exec said, “well done!”Some seemed to know which town …Read More

What has smoking, using the phone in the car and selling have in common?

They’re all (perceived?) now as ‘social diseases ‘!!I have no comment to make about cigarettes and not using the hands-free but I can make reference to the third category.I believe selling is an outmoded way of promoting services and products. So many people today are too impatient when it comes to business development. It can often be …’here it is this is what it does, do you want it or …Read More

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