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Follow up follow up follow up …or don’t go!

At the end of my keynote to a Liverpool business group last week, an attendee complimented me on my session. He identified himself as being with one of the4 big banks and that he thought they might have an interest in my programme.

Before parting company, I had the presence of mind to ask for his business card. I followed him up and we’re already talking dates for my training

I keep preaching about the value (and the need) for timely follow up with networking contacts. It’s amazing how a strong connection, no matter how brief, can act as the launch pad for opportunities or ignition point for relationships.
Go back and read the story again. Our contact was no more than fifteen seconds long, yet it was the catalyst for a relationship. My follow up contact occurred 48 hours after our conversation yet he responded within an hour of receiving my email.
The moral of my story: follow up with networking contacts within 48 hours of your initial contact, especially those who express interest. You may just get the surprise of your life.

Now, go work your network.

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