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What is your interest rate?

You’ll see the headline and think mortgages, savings, credit crisis , Northern Rock etc.
wrong…this is nothing to do with money, it’s to do with networking!
when you meet people ( new and existing contacts what is your interest rate when you communicate with them. Are you listening carefully to what is being said or are you merely waiting for your turn to talk?
I suggest there are 5 levels of listening
1 We don’t listen; very rude when we are out there building or reinforcing relationships
2 we pretend to listen. 9men are particularly good at this!)
3 Most of us, most of the time selectiviely listen
4 We listen attentively
5 We listen with our full body. We not only listen but we watch the other person’s body language and listen for the tone of voice. People can lie with words but not with their body language and tone.

To become an effective networker we have to spot opportunities. The only way to do this is have our interest rate high!

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