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Happy Birthday Kintish

Friday June 1 st 2007 was the start of my 8th year in business as Kintish.
Anniversaries are always time for reflection so let me indulge myself.
I did 35 years training as, qualifying as and practising as a Chartered Accountant. Many people, after seeing me present ask, “Don’t you wish you’d done it sooner?” or “You were in the wrong profession, there’s no way you were an accountant, I bet you regretted your time ” and other similar comments.
Every day now is my birthday. I love every moment of what I do ( well standing on cold railway platforms at 8.22pm waiting for a delayed train isn’t my best time of the day); I have made hundreds of good friends and met thousands of nice people.
I would like to think through the training and presentations we ( this includes my associates) have helped people with their confidence. How to walk into a room with their head held high, how to follow up opportunities in a profesional manner. Yes the money is good but the feeling we can change peoples’ lives for the better is best.


Sinatra sang, “Regrets , I’ve had a few…”. I look back over the years as the bean counter and the last 7 years and think ‘I have no regrets’. Is is arrogance or complacency? No I just think ‘what’s the point regretting anyway, a waste of energy. If I have done things wrong ( and I have done trillions) I need to change and improve. That’s the best way to use one’s energy I believe.


I would love to think I’m superman but I’m not. From January 1st 2005 to May 31st 2007 I hav presented 422 times to 14,121 people. How do I know? i keep records. You can get Kintish out of accountancy but you can’t get the accountancy out of Kintish!
We will be as active over the next few years but in differnt ways. We are looking for franchisees
and will be running online teleclasses and web seminars all over the world. There will be less of Will standing on cold railway stations. “Mrs Kintish says, “I bet it won’t happen you love the buzz of the interaction with your audiences.2 She’s probably right! But, as she’d tell you, she normally is!

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