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As a person resposible for others THIS MUST BE THE TRUE ANSWER TO HAPPINESS AT WORK

Good professional behaviour deserves to receive attention as much as bad behaviour does. Both cases provide an opportunity for your company to foster progression. It is unfortunate that people often only take advantage of the latter scenario to better their company. Appealing to one’s pride is actually much easier than trying to lead someone to change. People want to be recognised for the good work they’ve done. Positive feedback and appreciation will foster not only the personal bonds had between you and your co-workers, but between those people and the very work they are there to do. It is then made nearly inevitable that the worker’s progressive measures will not only continue, but likely increase in their rate of implementation.

Remember to

  • offer encouragement
  • reassure people in their progress
  • provide a feeling of victory
  • be enthusiastic
  • be grateful for all effort being put forth.

  • Source:
    Dale Carnegie Course®

I used to be an accountant. We never encouraged or motivated , it wasn’t in our nature! But then I went on a Dale Carnegie Course and, literally, it changed my life. People will always swap praise and encouragement for a pay rise

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