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The key to successful selling

Every knows that virtually every successful sale is done when the buyer likes the seller. ‘People buy from people’ is the cliche but we all knows it’s true. so the skill of getting people to like us is the key to making more sales than your competition. Here is my list of actions you should considering taking to get people to like you.
1 Have a happy disposition; smile, be friendly, indulge in chit chat and banter, bring in humour as much as possible. We can’t all be funny but we can all avoid being miserable!
2 Become reliable. Don’t let people down – do what you say you’re going to do and do it when you say you will do it. Don’t be late and keep people waiting. 3 Be ‘nice’ to people. Compliment them, don’t complain don’t critisise and don’t condemn, no-one wins
$ Have a giving spirit and a generous nature.

My hotel story
I recently went on a sort of sales appointment but mainly just to start to build a relationship at a hotel and the general manager was in the hotel lobby when I arrived. “That worked out well, you being here as I arrived”. I said to my prospect. “No” he said, “I was here waiting to greet you, you’re a guest in my corporate home”. Wow, there I was to peddle my wares and guess what? That man made me feel like a VIP. Within the hour we built a strong relationship, I gave him a great deal and he reciprocated.

That anecdote summarises all that is good in people and how we can get people to like us very quickly. This man runs a big hotel, will no doubt be very busy and yet there he was ready 5 minutes early to greet me with a warm welcome. What a start to a relationship!

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