Will Kintish

My guaranteed formula for success

We hear all sorts of experts, consultants and gurus saying, “If you do these x number of things I guarantee you success. Well, here’s mine Be visible. In other words go networking, externally and internally if you are employed by a bigger organisation Be persistent. Keep following up in a professional manner. In business ‘no’ normally means ‘not yet’ so keep asking permission to keep in touch Be reliable. Do …Read More

The third step in building relationships – TRUST

The start of any relationship is meeting someone and getting to know them. The second step is to create some mutual liking. When we don’t like someone we don’t want to spend time with them. Whatever they do or say we will find fault and the relationship will end.You will see something negative in every aspect of their life. On the other hand when we do like people we forgive …Read More

Hosting Business Events

May I suggest that the rules of hosting a business event should mirror the way you host an evening at home? For a social event – · You invite your guests · All hosts are present · Everyone is welcomed warmly · You are dutiful to all your guests’ needs · You never leave them alone · You make all necessary introductions · You ply them with food and drink …Read More

How to deal with Rude People

Unfortunately there are people like this everywhere. Can I suggest how you deal with them? 1. Don’t ever be rude back. My mother told me, that two wrongs don’t make a right. Great advice I’ve always thought. 2. They are in a minority, so the chances of you meeting too many are slim. Again, take the moral high ground and think ‘I don’t want to spend much longer with you.’ …Read More

Networking isn’t selling!!

Networking and selling are like oil and water, they don’t mix. When you go networking it is simply a platform for creating the opportunity to sell. Networking is about building relationships and the selling of yourself.  Be interested, not interesting and whilst you are in the middle of a conversation rabiting on about your products and services, think of the acronym, WAIT – WHY AM I TALKING.  All good sales …Read More

Don’t network? Don’t succeed!

The word network often strikes fear and dread into people or they immediately have strong negative thoughts about it. Manipulative, scheming, selling are just 3 words associated with this all-important activity. The irony is we all network from the time we start to talk. My view, it is simply building relationships; either new ones or reinforcing existing ones. “I’m going networking once this week” implies you’re going to spend the …Read More

What it takes to be an effective and successful leader?

A good leader is someone who achieves results! Winston Churchill, Richard Branson and Mother Theresa all had radically different leadership styles. However, they each achieved results in their own way. There is no magic or mystique to leadership, great leaders are not born nor are they specially gifted at influencing people. They are simply people who are passionate about being a great leader and they are willing to do the …Read More

15 Minutes & 10 Seconds To Great Business Opportunities

1. Walk in and get a drink 30 secs 2. Look for someone 15 secs 3. Approach 10 secs 4. Ask permission 5 secs 5. Introduce 5 secs 6. Opening comment 20 secs 7. Start small talk 180 secs 8. Ask what they do 60 secs 9. Ask interesting questions 300 secs 10. Tell them what you do 180 secs 11. Ask for card 10 secs 12. Read 30 secs …Read More

The perfect networker

You know him, he’s at every event, a brilliant conversationalist, give you the shirt off his back. He follows up, keeps his commitments and he’s always happy to make an introduction. He drinks water at every event, not because it’s healthy, but to save money. He’ll spend hours on Twitter and other social media doing essentially nothing, but won’t spend £50 for a tool that will actually help his business. …Read More

You’re a painkiller

“I love what I do but don’t like the marketing and selling” When you are in the advice-giving business, particularly professionals and experts in your field, do you feel exactly like the headline? You spend your formative years in education, academia, gaining professional qualifications and learning on the job. Then after time you realise to progress, or go it alone, you have to start selling, marketing and promotion- the uncomfortable …Read More

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