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How good are you at remembering peoples’ names?

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Most people say, “Rubbish” or “I forget their name as soon as I hear it” or “I’m not bad with faces…but names…yuk!”
Well, here’s the answer. It’s generally nothing to do with your memory ,it’s all to do with your attitude. Or, more precisely your hearing. We’re all so keen to make a good impression,we aren’t listening when someone gives their name.
In future, as they do, listen carefully and as you’re shaking hands repeat their name and concentrate for that 1 second. You will hear it and,if you want to, you will remember it. You may not remember it again 30 minutes later when you have met another 10 people but at least in those early moments of building a relationship you will be fine. Repeat the name to yourself, use some word or picture association and maybe use their names just 2 or 3 times early on during the conversation.
Try it…it works
This is from part of Dale Carnegie principles in his world best seller, ‘How to win friends and influence people’

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