Networking Skills

The Networking Cowboy

When you think cowboy, on the one hand you think Wild West & Indians. On the other hand we think of cowboys, people who are unprofessional, they con people, aren’t listening ………salesmen. I can only generalise but you know what I mean when I say there are many more male cowboys. What behaviours do we see from these people when we attend business connected events? When we meet him for …Read More

A day in the life of a committed networker

6.30 am to 8.30 am I was out of the house at 6.30 am to attend the Manchester Business Breakfast Club, the networking organisation I have belonged to for a few years now.  I meet every Friday morning with somewhere between 25 and 35 other businesses, none of whom compete.  The objective is for us to give and receive introductions and referrals to each other. Today, I had enquiries about …Read More

Your Presentation’s opening 7 seconds

These are critical to capture your audience’s attention. My good friend Alan Stevens of the Media Coach recently wrote this. It was so perfect I thought I would share it with my readership OPENING UP The first line of your speech is crucially important. It may be the only line that every member of your audience hears, so it needs to be good. The more engaging it is, the more …Read More

What makes a confident and effective networker?

Effective and confident networkers: Are awake, alive and alert, and know there are opportunities everywhere. See all new contacts as potential business opportunities. Have a giving and abundance mentality. Make the first move when meeting new people. Have an interesting and exciting opening statement. Understand the power of remembering names. Are good listeners – letting the other person do most of the talking. Know that small talk is the most …Read More

6 Top Tips For Effective And Confident Networkers

Understand that there is business everywhere when they arrive awake and alert. When you are friendly and talk to people you just never know what the outcome can be from the conversation.  Listen carefully to everyone. Make the first move.  At any event be it social or business look for people on their own and go up to them and introduce yourself.  You will never be rejected, could make a friend …Read More

If you hate selling – read this!

Most people I meet hate selling. They hate: discussing business asking to make the follow up call making the follow up call making the second + follow up calls calling existing clients…just for a chat asking satisfied clients for referrals I can’t do it; I hate rejection; I don’t want to seem too pushy; if they need me they’ll call; I can’t face failure. The list of negatives goes on. Dare …Read More

How do you “Break the Ice” and move on?

Going to an event, entering that room of dark suited circles of strangers unnerves you.  This is a statement.  I know because thousands of delegates and audience members tell me so.  In fact, I promise you over 98% are somewhere between uncomfortable, down the continuum through to downright petrified.  If you feel like this you will find…you are normal.  I am abnormal because I love it.  Here’s ideas to help …Read More

Network? Sure, I network. I’m on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook all the time.

I love social media, don’t get me wrong, but the downfall of today’s social media is it can give people a false sense of security that they are effectively networking. Spending time on LinkedIn or Twitter is a smart component to your work life, but in order to reap the full benefits of networking, you need to regularly back away from the computer, pick up the phone, attend business networking …Read More

45 Golden Rules – Working the Room – Part 4

1    Look at the people and visualise growing business 2    Get there early if you are a guest as you will feel more comfortable when there are less people and this gives you a chance for time with your host. 3    Take a deep breath if you feel a little nervous.  Remember you are usually there for business purposes; do not waste the time. 4    Try to find out who …Read More

45 golden rules to working a room…part 3

11. Say “I help people to become more successful” if you are a banker rather than “I am a banker” when asked.  Consider the difference in impact on your listener. 12. Prepare subjects to ask about in case you are stuck for things to say.  Ask the other party about their job, holidays, family, their views on sporting events or current affairs.  13. Remember constantly “givers gain”.  The more you give the more you will get …Read More

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