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9 Top Tips For Women Networkers

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Be Professional
Preparation before an event is vital, make a checklist of items you will need business cards, map, list of other attendees if possible, the right clothes to suit the event and the right ATTITUDE!!

Look Professional
Make sure you business cards are easily accessible, not at the bottom of your bag!!! If you can, have a jacket with pockets, to easily put your business cards into. Two pockets will be great, one for your cards and the other for the cards or your prospective contacts!! Don’t get them mixed up!!!

Think about what you may be saying to others through your grooming, make-up, hair and clothing.  Remember appearances are all we go on initially. Think about the small things; clean shoes, right colours. These little thinks can say more than the big things!!

Act Professional
Walk into the room with shoulders back, slowly and confidently – remember your positive attitude!! – and SMILE! What is your body language saying about you!!  Be aware of it.

Play Professional
Introduce yourself clearly and confidently, be prepared with your “small talk” questions. Play host if others join.

Your Profession
Be ready for your response to “What do you do?” Remember – it is about them wanting to know more – tease them a little at a time, build up your response. This is the time your professional communication will be at the forefront.

Give Professionally
Look for opportunities to give to others, the tide will always turn.

Business Professional
Make that move from “small talk” to “business”, you won’t create business unless you talk business!! Practice that link and prepare those scripts!!

Widely Learned Professional!!
Get yourself up to date with current affairs in business and finance, sport, politics local events. “Radio 5 Live” can be your quick guide. It will make your conversation easier, more interesting and show what an “all rounder” you are!! Remember “small talk = big business!”

Professional Foul!!!!!
Be aware of the Networking Crime – if you don’t follow up when agreed you will have damaged all the good work you have done.

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