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The 5 Key Reasons Why You Should Make That Follow-Up Call…

You have met Priscilla, the prospect at a networking event and you have agreed you are going to call her the following Wednesday afternoon.  The following Wednesday afternoon comes, you look on your to do list and, dare I suggest it, you are not quite as enthusiastic about the call as you were at the networking event three or four days previously? Consider the 5 key reasons why you should make that follow up call…

  1. It’s going to make me lots of money and I can spend it on…
  2. We got on well when we met and the person seemed to like me.
  3. There is definite interest in and the need for what I have to offer.
  4. I genuinely believe it will help my prospect make more money by using my services.
  5. I would be committing the networking crime of not following-up and I’m a ruddy fool if I don’t.

If you don’t call after spotting that chance to do future business, why did you go? Was it simply for the free food and drink?! Why not enrol on our ‘How to Follow Up Business Opportunities‘ web seminar next Wednesday 6th April and we will convince you, with an entertaining and powerful one hour webinar, that, forever more, you will just want to pick up that phone!

As usual, check back on the Kintish Networking blog for the latest hints and tips or alternatively, visit and further free and valuable information on all aspects of networking.

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